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My name is Mason E. Francisco Sr. CRES. and I am an entrepreneur. I am a Graduate of the Robert Allen Institute and have been a Certified Real Estate Specialist since October of 2004. Being in my 50's I have seen good times and bad... and these are some of the worst times I can remember! I have many neighbors that are in are in real financial trouble and yes, some of them are in danger having their homes going into foreclosure or worse. (don't kid yourself, it CAN get worse!)

I'm sure that you've heard many people and some companies claim that you can save your credit, and all you need to do is sign-over your home. It would be nice if it worked that way, unfortunately... if you are getting close to losing your home, your credit has already been negatively effected. I'm not saying that what is left of your good credit can't be saved, because it can, just please don't be deceived by fast talk and "too good to be true" promises.

I will be perfectly honest with you; I may be able to help you out of your rough times, and we may even be able to salvage your credit... it might even be easy, but it will not be painless and it won't be fun.

There... I said it... If you can deal with the unvarnished truth, then together, we have a real chance of working on a solution that will be of benefit to both of us!